Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham
Christmas on the Royal Yacht

Christmas on the Royal Yacht

A Royal Scandals Novella
Book 2.5 in the Royal Scandals Series

He’s the only man to rock her world… and the one man able to destroy it.

Five years ago, brokenhearted April Dietrich left more than a successful career when she fled Manhattan to work for the Barrali royal family, renovating Sarcaccia’s centuries-old palace. She also left her lover. Now Ryan “Rock” Fournier has come to Sarcaccia, hired by Queen Fabrizia as head chef on the royal yacht. When Rock decides to pursue April using every weapon in his arsenal, will it cook up trouble for both their careers? Or will a Christmas miracle bring them together at last?

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Behind the Scenes

Life on a Mediterranean island means sunshine, tradition, good food, and time on the water. For the Sarcaccian royal family to own a yacht (or three) would be expected. The Libertà provides a natural venue for King Carlo and Queen Fabrizia to host intimate events or offer guests secure accommodations away from the palace. It also offers privacy for the royal family’s own getaways.

For a sense of the yachts you might see in the Mediterranean, check out this photo Nicole took of Monaco’s marina during a research trip.

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Rock angled his head and shot a look at his now-curious assistant, Andreas, urging the young German to continue on to the working galley with the tray of pastry. Once Andreas disappeared, Rock set the case of champagne on the marble countertop and plastered a nonchalant smile on his face. His heart thudded against the wall of his chest as he gave April a casual once-over, and it wasn’t due to the effort of carrying the heavy load. “I had a feeling you’d show up someday to fix my creaky parts.”

“I’m not here to fix your creaky parts. I’m here for routine maintenance.”

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