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Nicole Burnham
The Prince’s Tutor
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The Prince’s Tutor

Book 3 in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series

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A male—and royal—Eliza Doolittle meets a female Professor Higgins.

Having completed his military service, Prince Marco diTalora of San Rimini wants only one thing on his return home: his freedom. He has good reason for avoiding the public eye, and little interest in his father’s plans to immerse him in royal life. In the hours before his brother’s high-profile wedding, he dodges the media hordes for a few hours of respite.

Amanda Hutton is an ace at her job, working with children of the rich and famous to ensure they have the skills to navigate life in the public eye. But she’s between clients and under financial stress, so when she’s invited to serve as a royal bridesmaid in beautiful San Rimini, she views the trip as an essential escape.

Amanda soon finds herself hunting down Prince Marco and dragging him out of a casino’s private gaming room. When she gets him to the church on time, she figures her interaction with the rebellious—and flirtatious—prince is over. But then King Eduardo offers her the solution to her financial woes in the form of a job…and it’s not a child he wants her to tutor, it’s Prince Marco.

It’s an offer she can’t refuse. Then again, Marco might have something to teach Amanda.

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Behind the Scenes

The Prince’s Tutor came to life during Nicole’s trips to Malta, Italy, and Monaco. She keeps Pinterest boards for each of her books. The boards contain both her personal photos and several collected from around the internet. Click here to see the board for The Prince’s Tutor.

The Palazzo d’Avorio, the setting for a pivotal scene in The Prince’s Tutor, was modeled after the fortifications located in Valetta, Malta’s capital city.

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Mi scusi. Is Prince Marco diTalora here? It’s important that I speak with him immediately.”

Amanda Hutton tried to ignore the subtle—and the not-so-subtle—stares of San Rimini’s high-rolling gamblers as she asked the manager of the elite Casino Campione the same question she’d discreetly posed at three other gaming halls in the last hour.

If she didn’t find the wayward prince and get him to the Duomo, pronto, the wedding between the tiny country’s crown prince, Antony diTalora, and her best friend, Jennifer Allen, would be delayed. Even with two hundred guests descending on the country’s famed cathedral, the ceremony could hardly start without the best man in attendance.

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