Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham
To Kiss a King

To Kiss a King

Book 6 in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series

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He’s heralded around the world as a romantic icon. The last thing he needs is to fall in love.

King Eduardo diTalora is riding a popularity high, thanks to his political acumen, his charitable endeavors, and above all, the storybook romance he had with his late wife, Queen Aletta. He plans to use that goodwill in the best way possible, to push long-term projects that will benefit his country.

When Claire Peyton, the new American ambassador, pitches a project of her own, Eduardo wonders if it’s possible to find love a second time. But as Claire and Eduardo face the political and personal repercussions of time spent together, each of them must choose between their duty to country and their love for each other.

But when the world sits in judgment, does love stand a chance?

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Behind the Scenes

Claire and Eduardo’s story was more than a decade in the making, both in the fictional world and in the real world. Nicole wrote about the long process of bringing Claire and Eduardo’s tale to fruition on her blog.
You can read about it here.

Claire and Eduardo’s story is special in that, unlike most romance novels, it tells the tale of a romance between fifty-somethings who have a good deal of life experience. Given their positions of authority, pursuing a romantic relationship means they each have a lot to lose.

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He’d gone about this all wrong.

Then again, Eduardo wasn’t sure how else he could have done it. The biggest downside of his position was the utter lack of privacy. He couldn’t exactly call the embassy and ask for the ambassador’s personal number. Not without several members of Claire’s staff—and his—finding out. Since Claire was both new to the country and a diplomat, he assumed it would be next to impossible for even his tech experts to track down her number. Nor did he have the option of grabbing a set of car keys, strolling out of the palace, and driving to the ambassador’s residence like a normal person.

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