Releasing throughout 2020: six Royal Scandals novels set in the
romantic Mediterranean country of San Rimini

The Knight’s Kiss

Book 4 in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series

Now Available! 

He lived in Once Upon a Time.

When Princess Isabella diTalora needs an expert to study the ancient artifacts hidden beneath the royal palace, she’s determined to hire the best: Nick Black, a mysterious collector who knows San Rimini’s medieval era better than anyone.

Nick Black knows San Rimini’s history for good reason. He lived it. In fact, he was once known as Domenico of Bollazio, a powerful knight pledged to San Rimini’s king. But he was cursed for his ambition and will never know peace—or mortality—until he can solve the riddle of his enchantment.

Nick knows modern technology will soon reveal his immortality to the world, so—despite the risk—he accepts the assignment from the princess in hopes of breaking his curse. But as he spends more time with the beautiful princess, he learns that some risks come with unexpected consequences.

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