Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham
Christmas with a Palace Thief

Christmas With a Palace Thief

A Royal Scandals Novella
Book 4.5 in the Royal Scandals Series

Trusting his ex could mean the end of his career.

Security chief Umberto Niro has dedicated his life to a single mission: defending the Barrali royal family from all threats, both internal and external. When he detects an intruder deep inside the palace, capture is swift and certain. Then he discovers the thief is his ex-girlfriend—and former co-worker—Sara Angeletti, and he suspects there’s more to the Christmas break-in than meets the eye.

Umberto turned his back on Sara years ago, but she hasn’t forgotten the depth of passion they once shared. When he hauls her into his office in handcuffs, she uses that attraction to her advantage. She’s playing with fire, but Sara’s on a mission of her own….

Can they survive the holiday…and each other?

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Behind the Scenes

Umberto Niro has made appearances in several Royal Scandals books. The queen trusts him more than anyone outside her immediate family and a friendship of sorts has formed between them. Umberto was also a key figure in The Royal Bastard, appearing in a dangerous back alley fight in Rome. When Nicole asked readers on her Facebook page which palace staff member they most wanted to see appear in a novella, Umberto was the overwhelming choice.

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Breaking into a royal palace wasn’t an easy task, even for the most skilled thief. When that palace teemed with holiday guests, many of whom were VIPs, tightened security protocols made the challenge even more daunting.

Sara Angeletti was not a skilled thief. Fortunately, she had other key factors working in her favor: familiarity with the building’s layout, inside information on the royal family’s surveillance system, and a dreary, moonless night. Best of all, tonight’s mission was for a purpose near and dear to her heart.

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