If you have a question for Nicole, please check her FAQ page…it may already be answered. She’s also frequently on social media and is happy to answer questions posted there. Otherwise, you can send Nicole an e-mail by using the form below or writing to Nicole does read and respond to all her e-mail. However, it may take her a few weeks, particularly when she’s traveling or on deadline. Thanks for your patience!

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Nicole grants interviews and visits libraries and book clubs. Visits can be either in person or via call-in or video chat depending on the location. To make a request, please use the contact form, above. In the message, please note the type of request you are making, such as “book club visit” or “interview request.” If you are a reviewer, please note the specific title for which you’d like a review copy and the publication or website for whom you review.

Check out the Media Kit

Film, TV, Audio, Foreign, or Other Rights

To make rights inquiries, send an e-mail to with your request. Please use an appropriate subject line such as “French print rights request” and include your contact information.

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