Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham
Falling for Prince Federico
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Falling for Prince Federico

Book 5 in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series

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The world knows him as Prince Perfect. She’s about to discover the truth.

Prince Federico diTalora is all too aware of his dreaded nickname: Prince Perfect. He’s spent his life guarding his reputation, cognizant of the duty he owes his country and its citizens. But as a widower with two rambunctious boys, the strain of being an ideal son, father, and prince has pushed him to the breaking point.

Pia Renati is in San Rimini to stay with her best friend, who’s pregnant and on bed rest. Faced with hours of downtime, Pia is tempted when Prince Federico, with his Mediterranean good looks and unimpeachable reputation, invites her to spend time with him and his two boys.

As Federico and Pia chase the boys around the palace gardens, they find themselves drawing closer. Pia didn’t travel to San Rimini for romance—it’s the last thing she wants—though there’s no denying her attraction to Federico. But can she trust Prince Perfect with her heart, when she sees all too clearly the pain he hides from the world?

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Behind the Scenes

Nicole maintains Pinterest boards for each of her books. Falling For Prince Federico featured several scenes set in the garden at La Rocca, San Rimini’s royal palace. For a look at a few of the mesmerizing gardens and other inspirational sites that appear in the book, check out Nicole’s Falling for Prince Federico Pinterest Board.

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“I’m never going to be able to tell a placenta previa from a placenta accreta.”

Pia Renati reminded herself to keep her grumbling under her breath, then leaned one shoulder against the backlit cologne ad adorning the wall of the San Rimini International Airport and flipped to the next page of a thick, floral-jacketed pregnancy guide. How in the world did women have babies without a medical degree?

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