Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham

One Man’s Princess: A Mea Culpa

Nov 30, 2021

I made a big mistake. You just might be a magical unicorn.

One Man’s Princess

Every so often, authors are compelled to update the handy dandy links in the back of our ebooks, such as links to other books in a series, to our website or social media, or to sign up to receive updates on future books and/or sales.

Back on November 1, I updated those links in all of my books and uploaded the new files to several retailers. However, I clicked the wrong button in one place and caused an error.

If you purchased the ebook of One Man’s Princess from Amazon during the month of November, it’s highly likely you have the wrong story on your Kindle. You’ll see that fantastic One Man’s Princess cover, open it to start reading about Ivo Zanardi and Lina Cornaro…and realize that you are reading Christmas With a Palace Thief.

While Christmas With a Palace Thief is a great story, it’s not the same story as One Man’s Princess.

Yep. My fault.

If you are one of the magical unicorn folk who purchased the ebook of One Man’s Princess in the month of November from Amazon, my (embarrassing) error has now been fixed. Amazon has promised me that they will send you a notice shortly to update your book. However, I don’t always count on those emails getting through.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

1) Go ahead and read Christmas With a Palace Thief (it’s that time of year, so why not?)

2) When you’re finished, log into your Amazon account. Go to the upper right corner of the screen where it says “Account & Lists.” From the dropdown menu, select “Content & Devices.”

3) Find One Man’s Princess in the list of your purchases. There should be an option to update the book.

4) Once you do that, the correct book will download onto your Kindle (which is why, if you haven’t read Christmas With a Palace Thief, I recommend you read it before downloading the updated file. The update will replace Christmas With a Palace Thief with One Man’s Princess.)

If you purchased from any other retailer, or if you purchased the book in audio or print formats, this doesn’t affect you. The issue only involves the ebook from Amazon, and only if it was purchased between November 1-27th, 2021.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to the reader who emailed me to point this out so I could fix it. It’s important to me that everyone who takes the time to read my books has a great experience. In this case, I whiffed on the technical side. I’m very happy to have things back to rights thanks to Myrtle.

If you are a magical unicorn and have questions about this, feel free to contact me here. I’m happy to help you.

In the meantime, please enjoy Christmas With a Palace Thief and a dose of happy holiday cheer.


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