Nicole Burnham
Nicole Burnham

Book Finds: Kobo Plus & Your Local Library

Feb 24, 2022

Great news to share!

Many of you are familiar with Kobo Books. Kobo features my entire catalogue of ebooks and audiobooks, often with wonderful discounts for their customers. However, you may not be aware that Kobo now has a subscription program called Kobo Plus. It’s available in several countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Portugal. If you’re a Kobo Plus member, as of today you have access to all of my ebooks as part of the program.

Are you part of Kobo Plus? If so, feel free to contact me let me know about your experience. It’s important to me to have my stories available in whichever way works best for you, so I’d love to hear about your experiences with various retailers, subscription services, and libraries.


For those of you who love libraries, keep in mind that if your local library doesn’t have my ebooks, print editions, or audiobooks listed in their catalogue, simply ask your librarian for them. Your librarian can obtain the books easily in nearly anywhere in the world, often with a few clicks of a mouse.

Every so often, I receive email from readers who tell me how much they enjoy my books, but then they apologize for getting them from the library because they fear I won’t earn any money that way. On the contrary, I’m happy to have my books in libraries! In many cases, those readers would not have found my books at all if they hadn’t been available via a library. I discovered some of my all-time favorite authors via the army libraries I frequented while growing up on military bases. Libraries are the cornerstones of our communities and offer services that go far beyond books. So by all means, please patronize your local library. It makes my day to know you can find my stories there.

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