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A Royal Scandals Christmas: New Video Trailer

Just in time for the holiday season, there’s a video trailer for A Royal Scandals Christmas! I loved writing this series of three Christmas novellas. Each story stands alone, which makes A Royal Scandals Christmas the perfect reading material for the busy holiday season when there might not be...

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One Man’s Princess: A Mea Culpa

I made a big mistake. You just might be a magical unicorn. Every so often, authors are compelled to update the handy dandy links in the back of our ebooks, such as links to other books in a series, to our website or social media, or to sign up to receive updates on future books and/or sales. Back...

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Blog Classics: Learning to Tango

Ever wonder what kind of research went into Slow Tango With a Prince? Lately I've received a number of emails and social media comments asking whether I've taken tango lessons and how much time I spent in Argentina researching the book, because the story made readers feel like they shared in Emily...

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A Honeymoon Treat

Big news! For the first time ever, Honeymoon With a Prince is FREE in ebook in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. If you haven’t read this story, here’s a peek at the opening: Kelly Chase woke with a start, nearly knocking over her daiquiri as she flung her hand to the right, in the...

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Blog Classics: The Day I Met Tim Conway

Last week, for the first time in over two years, I attended a writers' conference. It was a surreal experience. I've been to dozens of similar conferences over the years, but even vaxxed and masked, I had the sensation I was doing something wrong. I suspect I'm not the only one with that feeling...

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Blog Classics: Recent FAQs

Having “Classics” and “Recent” in the title of today’s blog feels contradictory, but I’m reposting this from the previous blog because: a) it’s less than a year old, and b) these are some of the questions I receive most often via email and social media. In fact, I received a question as I was...

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Books & Brews

Did you know there’s an ideal beer to drink while reading Slow Tango With a Prince? Books & Brews, a podcast hosted by cicerone (certified beer expert) Michael Agnew and author Laura Vosika, pairs books with—you guessed it—the perfect beer to sip while reading. I was thrilled to be the...

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Authors Love Readers: The Podcast

Last week I was fortunate to be the featured guest on Authors Love Readers: The Podcast, hosted by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn. I've known Patricia for ages and am a huge fan of her work. She writes both mystery and romance, and the latest book in her Caught Dead in Wyoming series...

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