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Blog Classics: Recent FAQs

Sep 9, 2021

Having “Classics” and “Recent” in the title of today’s blog feels contradictory, but I’m reposting this from the previous blog because: a) it’s less than a year old, and b) these are some of the questions I receive most often via email and social media. In fact, I received a question as I was typing this asking if there was a new Royal Scandals title in the works. (I’m currently writing Princess Sophia’s story, so yes!)

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Originally posted March 22, 2021:

While my site has a Frequently Asked Questions page, I’ve received some repeat questions about my books via email, which gives me a great excuse to do a blog post.

If you have a question, feel free to contact me anytime. I am always happy to answer reader email.


Q: What is the order of the Royal Scandals series? Are there more books planned?

A: To date, there are six full-length novels and three Christmas novellas in the series. Each is designed to stand alone, as there are no cliffhangers from one book to the next. However, many readers prefer to enjoy the stories in order since the series follows family members over the span of several years. The order is:

Christmas With a Prince (novella)

Scandal With a Prince

Honeymoon With a Prince

Christmas on the Royal Yacht (novella)

Slow Tango With a Prince

The Royal Bastard

Christmas With a Palace Thief (novella)

The Wicked Prince

 One Man’s Princess

More Royal Scandals books are in the works. Once I have release dates, I’ll announce it on my site and in my newsletter.

The related Royal Scandals: San Rimini series is complete with six titles. In order, they are:

Fit for a Queen

Going to the Castle

The Prince’s Tutor

The Knight’s Kiss

Falling for Prince Federico

To Kiss a King


Q: I plan to read both the Royal Scandals and the Royal Scandals: San Rimini series, but should I read one series before the other?

A:  The two series run in parallel, with only slight overlap, so reading one won’t spoil the other. Whichever fires your interest at the moment is the one to read first.


Q: Which book has the background of King Carlo and Queen Fabrizia’s relationship?

A: While there are bits sprinkled throughout the Royal Scandals series, the Big Story behind Carlo and Fabrizia’s early years is covered in The Royal Bastard, the fourth full-length novel in the series.


Q: I loved The Bowen Bride. Will there be more books in the series? Do you know when?

A: More books are planned, but the release date(s) are not yet finalized. I’ll post here and will make an announcement in my newsletter as soon as I know.

Thanks for asking and keep ’em coming!


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