nicole burnham

One Bachelor To Go

One Bachelor to Go

Emily Winters wants nothing to do with marriage. After her failed marriage to Todd Baxter, the wanna-be golden boy at her father's company—the same guy who'd stolen company secrets and sold them to the competition—she's through with romance. Especially to anyone having anything to do with Wintersoft. Unfortunately, her father has other ideas, and she's been forced to find girlfriends (or wives!) for the single executives at the company, since her father can't see to get a clue.

When there's only one bachelor left, Emily figures she's safe. After all, Jack Devon, who's been named one of Boston Magazine's Hottest Bachelors, goes for a very different kind of woman. Until Jack and Emily are sent to Reno on a business trip, and discover that love is sometimes worth a gamble....

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Silhouette Romance, Paperback, February 2004, ISBN: 0373197063